Kinnow Sorting

Processing of Kinnow Mandarins

For high quality kinnow it is important that international practice of mandarins processing along with food safety should be well in placed.

S&C is dedicated to produce, procure and process high quality mandarins with highest rate of rejections in industry.

To achive this purpose we have developed a system which also complies and exceeds current system of HACCP, BRC and GlobalGap.

All our mandarins are processing on state of art Fomesa (Spanish) packing lines to have perfect processing, application of wax and perfect grading. These state of art machine specifically designed for mandarins ensures soft handling of fruits through out processing and avoid mechanical injuries.

Following are the brief processing steps of processing:

Hand picked mandarins are pre-sort in farm and carefully handled. This process eliminates unwanted fruits being transported to pack house. It is important that kinnow should be picked and carefully transported to pack house for which 20 kgs plastic bins are used.


Once Kinnow arrived at Pack house, drenching is done with TBZ (Thaibedozole)

Kinnow Packing
Kinnow Packing
Kinnow Packing
Kinnow Packing
Kinnow Pallatized

Sorting 1
Plastic bins filled with kinnows are than carefully placed on sorting conveyor, where skilled workers checks mandarins and reject low quality or unwanted fruits.

Washing is done with clean water to remove field dirt. Water used in washing is clean and drinking water which is regularly checked in laboratory.

It is important to dry kinnow after washing as waxed is to be coated. Cold drying is therefore applied with ambient temperature of 10-25 degree centigrade.

Waxing and application of fungicide
Fungicide along with wax is applied after drying. These fungicide namely Thiabendazole and Imazalil along with wax are imported from EU countries and complies with international standards of EU, HACCP, BRC and GlobalGap.  Regular test and audits are done for this critical applications.

Post Wax Drying
Once wax are applied, drying is done with controlled temperature to ensure that fruits are dried completey.

Sorting 2
After washing and waxing, Kinnow appears in its full lusture. Any unwanted fruit is sort in sorting 2 conveyor so that fruits when packed would be of perfect quality

State of art Fomesa grader size fruits so that desirable sizes are achieved for packing. Our 8 lanes sizer makes 8 different sizes which once packed are marketed based on sizes.

Hand packing is done carefully at final stage. Qualify and experienced skilled workers placed mandarins in box in a way for safe handling. Food grade stickers are placed on top layer and finally package are strapped for storing

Temperature of Kinnow should be cooled down before storing or loading into containers. Desirable temperature is +4 degree centigrade. S&C is equipped with state of art computer controlled pre-cooling chambers.

Cold Storing
After pre-cooling, kinnow are stored in cold storage to be waited for loading in reefer containers.

Cool Chain
S&C strongly focus on cool chain and therefore installed generators on reefer containers to ensure that cool chain is maintained. Cool chain ensures perfect quality arrivals, freshness and humidity retention