8 mandarin oranges
1 kg white sugar
3 cups water

Wipe mandarins with a damp cloth, cut mandarins in half horizontally then in half again.
Using fingers, remove seeds and discard them.
Peel away skin and reserve it.
Using a sharp knife cut skin into fine slivers.
It is only necessary to use the skins of 4 mandarins.

Place mandarin pulp in food processor, process to seconds or until pulp is chopped.

(If you do not have a processor, chop fruit finely).
Place pulp in large pan, add mandarin rind, white Sugar and water, mix well.
Mixture should be not more than 5cm (2in) deep in pan.
Stir jam over medium heat until sugar has dissolved, increase heat slightly, boil gently,
uncovered without stirring 50-55 mins.
Check occasionally during last 10 mins of cooking time to make sure mixture is not burning on
  base of pan.
After 50 mins start testing to see if jam will jell when tested on a cold saucer.
(Place saucer in freezer for a few minutes) Remove scum from surface, pour jam into hot
  sterilized jars.
Seal when cold.
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